Message from Board Chair & CEO

Mary Lougheed, Board Chair

Counselling revolves around important, life changing conversations. The conversations that our counsellors facilitate at Calgary Counselling Centre are the catalysts that change lives for the better. For the past 50 years, Calgary Counselling Centre has been a force in our community. It is remarkable how the Centre's relentless focus on providing the best outcomes to its clients has allowed the Centre to literally change the way counselling is provided. Calgary Counselling Centre's research and application of scientific evidence to tailor individual counselling has been a game changer for the clients, the community, and the entire counselling field.

Members of the board are honoured to be involved with Calgary Counselling Centre. During my time as Board Chair, Calgary Counselling Centre has shown true leadership through the most effective counselling programs, scientific research, and by providing training to students and counsellors. Perhaps even more importantly, the Centre has the ability to identify community needs and respond to those needs in the form of new and ground breaking counselling programs.

Although the Centre has implemented many strategic changes throughout its history, the core values have not changed. This is the mark of a successful organization. Calgary Counselling Centre has been client focused for 50 years, and every individual that has ever been involved with the Centre has worked tirelessly to ensure that it stays that way. It's easy to get behind an organization that impacts so many people, and never loses sight of what is important.

Calgary Counselling Centre's 50th anniversary allows the board to look into the past of this organization, and embrace the future. Join us as we take you through a journey of 2012 that emphasizes how appreciative the Centre is of your support and how impactful your involvement with the Centre really is. If it weren't for the clients and supporters, the Centre would not be able to positively impact the lives of every individual who walks through its doors. The clients of the Centre are courageous enough to reach out, and thanks to you, Calgary Counselling Centre has the ability to help change lives for the better, and to change our community for the better, one person at a time.

To be the pre-eminent Centre of Excellence boldly transforming counselling to inspire personal growth and social change.

Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner, CEO

It is essential to look into our past when defining our future. The occasion of our 50th anniversary has given me the opportunity to reflect on the Centre's remarkable journey. When I first started at Calgary Counselling Centre in 1992 the history and mission of the Centre moved me. After being appointed CEO in 1996 I was determined to carry forth the ideals from our past, and transform the future of the Centre. I feel incredibly privileged to have been a part of this pioneering, life-changing institution for the past twenty years, and I look forward to boldly leading our organization into the future.

Every year we progress in our ability to bring the best results for our clients, and 2012 was no exception. I am excited to share our triumphs with you. After all, our triumphs are our community's triumphs as the work we do has a direct impact on our clients and their success propels us all forward as a community. To be a healthy, well-functioning community, we must help every individual regardless of their background, ethnicity, or economic circumstances.

Our focus has been in providing the best results to our clients. This resolution has driven every aspect of our organization. Through relentless analysis and research we have ensured our clients are receiving the best possible counselling services based on solid, reliable evidence. We provide the most effective counselling programs in the sector, and can back that up with fourteen years of research.

The success of the past 50 years would not have been possible without our funders, donors, staff, volunteers, community partners, and of course our clients. As you read our annual report, please know that we would not be where we are without you. I am filled with gratitude when I think about all of the support we receive. Calgary Counselling Centre is committed to continuing to help our community, and thanks to you we provided over 28,000 counselling sessions in 2012.

Calgary Counselling Centre has been guiding change. This is as true for clients as it is for our organization. Join us as we continue on our journey of change and creation of a healthier community.

Improving the well-being of individuals and families and strengthening communities by delivering best practices in counselling, training and research.