Our Difference

We are not your average counselling agency, and we are proud of it. As we continue to strive for the best possible results for our clients we have set ourselves apart in more ways than one. We have pushed boundaries, questioned conventions, conducted in depth research, and used evidence to inform and continuously improve upon our form of treatments. In the process we have raised the bar and developed with our community and its diverse and emerging needs.

Feedback Informed Treatment

Clients provide feedback before and after every session providing information and direction for counsellors. This process provides us with tangible evidence of a client's progress, which allows us to understand what works and what does not. Since implementing this process in September 2004, our clients' overall well-being has increased by 23 per cent.

Evidence Based Counselling and Research

We currently have one of the largest research databases in Canada which helps us analyze effective treatment options for individual, couple, family, and group counselling, as well as depression, bullying, domestic abuse, eating disorders, play therapy and more. We also employ research methods above and beyond this in order to identify service usage, and engage certain populations.

No Barriers Counselling

One of our core beliefs is that a healthy community starts with healthy individuals. For that reason we provide access to the most effective counselling to any member of our community. We use a sliding scale so every individual, despite their financial standing can have access to our services. We are open on evenings and Saturdays, we do not have a waitlist and we work with translators for those clients who may have a language barrier.

Our Counselling Process

Our 50 years of experience, research and collection of evidence have allowed us to understand what the most effective counselling services for each of the areas we serve. There are no limits to the amount of sessions, and on average clients see results within 8-10 sessions.

High Quality Staff

Our staff ensures our clients are getting the best possible treatment and results from counselling. Our services are provided by multi-disciplinary staff including: psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and pastoral counsellors.