It's through your courage, care and compassion that we experienced another successful year at Calgary Counselling Centre. We are grateful for the support we received this past year.

When you support our Centre the impact is profound.

Your support ensures every client is seen regardless of their financial status. Your support ensures our students are trained in leading counselling techniques. Your support allows us to provide the most effective evidence based services and programs. Most importantly, your support changes lives and changes your community for the better. You help to lift the veil of depression, bolster self-esteem, and give individuals the tools they need to face life's many challenges.

The impact you helped make in our community allowed us to provide the best possible treatment to our clients. We want to take this opportunity to thank you.

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Kids are our future. A value Calgary Counselling Centre shares with our partner the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Since 2008, RBC has been supporting Calgary Counselling Centre specifically in the area of children's mental health.

"The decision to partner with the Centre and why we continue our relationship is for two reasons," says Jerilynn Daniels, Senior Manager of Community Investment and Marketing, RBC, "the Centre is a leader in the space of counselling and secondly, because of our shared passion to impact children's mental health in our community."

With 70 per cent of mental health issues occurring during childhood or adolescence it is important to intervene early so children can receive help and to go on to live healthier lives. As a result of this, RBC has decided to focus their programs on early intervention and reducing stigma.

Since 2008, RBC has donated over $16 million to community based organizations and recently has made a $100 million commitment to improve the well-being of kids and youth.

"We (RBC) hope to impact children and ensure every child that needs and seek helps will receive it and hopefully, we can reduce the stigma in the process," says Daniels.

The Centre is privileged to have a close and lasting relationship with RBC where our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner can share advice and insight in the community surrounding counselling. RBC will often contact Dr. Babins-Wagner for advice on programs, which is initially what led to RBC increasing their donation for flood relief this year.

"When I spoke with Robbie in regards to natural disasters, like the Southern Alberta floods, she knew the immediate needs were being met, however, the long term assistance can easily be missed. Through research, Robbie explained the impact and was able to help direct where RBC should invest their energy," says Daniels.

Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner, CEO (left), Lori McLaren, RBC
Dick and Lois Haskayne

We (RBC) hope to impact children and ensure every child that needs and seek helps will receive it and hopefully, we can reduce the stigma in the process."

–Jerilyn Daniels, Senior Manager of Community Investment and Marketing, RBC

We appreciate RBC's long standing commitment to CCC. They have been a great partner and truly understand the importance of mental health in our community. We are honoured RBC has continued to work with us over the years."

–Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner, CEO

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