OUR PILLARS - Research

Research is the foundation of our services and programs offered at Calgary Counselling Centre. It grounds us, informs us, and it propels us. Our research allows us to measure the success of our counselling services through Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) and to analyze effective treatment options and strategies.

In 2013, we initiated a long-term outcome follow-up program for all counselling clients. We conducted in-depth follow-up outcome studies with clients from our domestic abuse programs; a comprehensive analysis of our depression and child and youth programs; and analyzed the Social Return on Investment (SROI) for our family violence programs.

Calgary Counselling Centre received a significant investment in 2013 that provided funds in staffing and technology for our research department. Support like this allows the Centre to continue to provide the most effective evidence-based services and programs and continue to be a leader in mental health in our community.

Tiffany Beks, Research Assistant & Shylo Cliffe, Counselling Intern

Without good data we don't know if we are making a difference or not for our clients."

– Sandy Berzins, Research Manager

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