SPECIALTY AREAS - Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can affect anyone, male or female, at any stage throughout their life and often times, many suffer in silence. Developing a healthy relationship with food is important to maintain both mental and physical health.

Calgary Counselling Centre offers individual support to clients, both male and female, with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and preoccupation with weight. We also offer our clients the opportunity to join group programs focused on two separate areas of eating disorders, Towards Healthy Eating, for clients struggling with risky dieting including food restriction, binging and purging; and Towards Balanced Eating, for those struggling with overeating, binge or compulsive eating.

The Centre recognizes the courage needed to seek help and the importance of involving the support of family and friends for the well-being of our clients. To that end, Calgary Counselling Centre offers a workshop for family and friends of those suffering with eating disorders. The workshop provides a better sense of understanding and gives them the tools to offer support to their loved ones through this challenge.

We worked on my body image issues. So I went from looking in the mirror, and hating what I saw. Feeling gross and disgusting. To looking in the mirror and feeling pretty. I have a different way of approaching how I look, and my insecurities. Do I still have off days? Yes. But I am not controlled by them."

– Laura, Client

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