SPECIALTY AREAS - Relationships

Couples counselling is one of the top reasons clients visit us at the Centre. Calgary Counselling Centre has been helping couples have deep, meaningful, and healthy relationships through couples counselling and marriage workshops since 1962.

Couples seek counselling for a variety of reasons and often individuals within the couple have different expectations for their relationship. The Centre help couples manage these expectations and provide an opportunity for couples to work on specific needs and issue areas.

Our Marriage Workshop engages couples at any stage in their relationship in important conversations about expectations, communication skills, conflict resolution and more. In the 2013, 96 couples participated in our Marriage Workshop. The workshop provides couples with insights and tools to set the foundation for a supportive and healthy relationship for years to come. Through pre-and post-workshop surveys, couples are able to identify relationship strengths and growth areas, setting them up for long-term success.

The Centre helps couples, both individually and together, work through a range of issues including: stress, depression, grief, sexuality, self-esteem and separation or divorce.

Many people come to the Marriage Workshop to make sure their marriage is perfect, but there is no perfect, so we focus on giving them a more realistic expectation when they leave."

– Amy Banga, Counselling Resident

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