Nearly a decade ago, the World Health Organization predicted that depression would leap from the fourth to the second greatest cause of human suffering and disability by the year 2020. Unfortunately we have already reached that milestone.

Depression and anxiety are one of the most requested areas for counselling at our Centre, with 28 per cent of clients seeking help for depression in 2013. Through individual and group counselling, we are able to achieve high client results for those seeking help with depression.

Our 2013 results show that depression does not discriminate; it affects people of all cultures, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, and age. It is estimated that the annual cost of depression on the economy is $7.9 billion. Depression is a workplace and community issue that we must address.

Since 2005, Calgary Counselling Centre has hosted National Depression Screening Day (NDSD) to address the stigma surrounding depression in our community and encourage individuals to seek help. NDSD is a yearly event that raises awareness of depression by providing free and anonymous screening for depression through a short online questionnaire.

Through community partnerships with organizations like the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, post-secondary education institutions and corporate partners, Calgary Counselling Centre is able to spread further awareness and reduce stigma.

Take the test on October 9, 2014 and help us defy depression.

The amazing counsellors at Calgary Counselling Centre showed me a way out [of depression] and with their help and guidance I finally felt like I got my life back."

– Lihi, Client

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